About Me

I'm CarrotManMatt. 19, from the UK and absolutely gosh darn crazy.
Welcome to my small corner of the internet (hosted on an old office PC), so feel free to look around!


What is CarrotManMatt?

That's me! I love veggies; And the colour orange is one of the best, so what better brand to choose than the food that makes you see in the dark?

Communicate | Contemplate | Appreciate

These are the 3 words I strive to live by. I think it's a simple way for us all to act to the benefit of others.

• Communicate - Talking clearly to others is imperative for understanding and will quickly solve many issues. Try to truly listen to others rather than just talk at them!

• Contemplate - Always think about yourself, how you are acting and the situation you are in. It's certainly a bit "meta", but I think self-awareness is the key to ensuring we all act sensibly and kindly

• Appreciate - I know it's rather vague, but it involves many things. Try to understand the additional "baggage" others may be carrying, always assume the best in people, show explicit kindness & care to everyone

The Little Things

I'm quite extroverted and often take a leadership role in group activities, but I am excellent at finding the balance between focusing on the details and seeing the bigger picture. I always strive for perfection in my work (even with the understanding that it can never be met), and hope that my interactions with others help them to also reach completion to a high standard

Hobbies & Interests

I'm grateful to have had the oppurtunity to try an astonishing range of activities so far. Below are a few of the key ones that really stuck with me.
You can probably tell that there's a theme between them all, I guess these all stem from my love for technology & learning!

  • Coding

    As you can see from this website I made & hosted from scratch, I really enjoy improving my productivity & simplifying my life through technology. You don't need to be a master at anything if you can make a computer do it for you!

  • Playing Guitar

    I love music and the way it can bring people together; I feel at my best when performing for others. Although I have the voice of a screeching cat, I have been playing the guitar since I was six and love to try my hand at performing the newest riffs & licks

  • Live Events Technology

    Putting on a great show, can't be beat. Even from more of a backstage role, the connection between performers and their audience is often palpable. Aiding it that process (whether it be in the wings, at the lighting desk or on the sound board) is always a rewarding experience

  • Video Production

    Both presenting and editing videos is a useful skill for me to take into the workplace, even if my infrequent dabble with it is for smaller passion projects. It's great fun to see a simple idea be turned into a piece of quality content, especially when shared with others after completion

  • The UK

    My home country is something I am both proud of and in awe of. I love to explore all it has to offer from the Bustling London Underground, to the smallest of picturesque villages, there's nowhere like here on earth. I'm constantly surprised by the people, culture & architecture that can easily be found not too far away

  • Maths & Science

    I have a passion for exploring complex maths & physics in a level of detail that not many do. I admit I fell in love with the logical deduction and problem-solving involved, and mixed with my constant intake of educational YouTube content, I don't think I'll ever want to stop my journey of discovery into the building blocks of our world